Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Candy....

Halloween is the pinnacle for many kids. You get to dress up, run around, and when you ask people for candy, they just give it to you - what could be better?
Maybe that’s the kids’ perspective, but if you’re like me, you tremble at the thought of that much sugar running through your little ones’ blood stream. It can be a lot of candy.
But what about alternatives to downing all that candy in one fell swoop?

A Possible Candy Plan....
1. As soon as you get home from trick-or-treating, make a deal with your child to exchange a set amount of money for a certain amount of candy. For example, for every 5 pieces of candy they relinquish, they get a quarter.
2. The next day, take them to the store to let them buy a small toy with their money (avoid the Halloween candy now on sale!).
3. On Halloween evening, let your child eat as many pieces as they are old. After that, it’s one piece a day.

Ideas for the Relinquished Candy
• Take the candy they relinquish, and immediately refill your candy bowl for handing out to other trick-or-treaters. (that would be hard for them to watch:)
• Save all the small pieces for decorating a gingerbread house for Christmas.
• Store remaining candy away for future birthday parties, when you can fill a piƱata.
• One evening down the road, have a homemade Blizzard night - mix ice cream and candy in a food processor. Or, you can have a sundae bar with the candy as the toppings.
• Donate the candy to a children’s shelter or some other charity that will take it.

What do you do with extra Halloween candy? Share your creative ideas!

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Morgan & Heidi Taylor said...

I still check this blog! I read it about once a week. So keep it coming! You have a lot of great tips and info! Also- you're looking so great! You've always been beautiful but in the pics on your blog from recently you're looking so dang skinny! It makes me want to be more motivated! I'm so up and down with healthy eating, exercise, etc! I try for the most part to eat well but I have way too many sweet tooth days or a really fattening meal from going out to eat or something. I guess the key is if you slip up get back on your program right away and don't be hard on yourself! We all should remember not to be hard on ourselves, or am I the only one?? (this is a long comment! So I'm going to end it here. ) See ya!