Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is anybody out there?

I was wondering if anyone reads this blog anymore? Leave me a comment and say hi. If not, thats ok I like to do it for a reminder for myself but just checking! Happy blogging...

Biggest Loser Nutritionist Shares Secrets to Successful Weight Loss...

Cheryl Forberg nutritionist on the Biggest loser said I’m often asked, “what can I do to help me lose weight and/or improve my health?” I’d definitely make my recommendations based on a list of common denominators that helped overweight contestants win a place on NBC’sThe Biggest Loser. As the Nutritionist for six seasons of The Biggest Loser. I've identified the key factors that have helped America earn its top ranking among obese nations of the world. I found that most of our contestants:

1. had absolutely no idea how many calories their body really needs (and how many more they are actually taking in)
2. skipped breakfast and often, many other meals
3. didn’t eat enough fruit or vegetables
4. didn’t eat enough protein (lean protein)
5. didn’t eat enough whole grains
6. ate too much white stuff; white flour; white pasta, white sugar, white rice, simple carbs
7. didn’t feel they had time to plan ahead - they found themselves grabbing something quick for a meal - often consumed in the car or at their desk.
8. often had enough calories in beverages alone to meet their daily caloric needs -- but didn’t drink enough water
9. didn’t exercise enough (if at all)
10. prioritized their spouse, partner, children and/or their jobs over their own health and well-being

These ten factors helped us to create the the Biggest Loser eating plan

It's important to:

1. learn your body's calorie needs -- you must burn off more calories than you are taking in
2. not skip meals; you must develop a regular eating schedule of 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks per day
3. eat plenty fruit and vegetables
4. eat plenty of lean protein
5. eliminate white stuff; white flour; white pasta, white sugar, white rice, simple carbs
6. choose whole grains
7. plan ahead -your meals, your snacks and your exercise. As Jillian said tonight, if you don't plan ahead, you plan to fail.
8. EAT your calories not drink- with the exception of milk
9. include exercise as part of your weight loss plan
10. prioritize your health and well-being; if you don't have your health, you can't take care of your loved ones
Jerry may have been voted off tonight but he was on the Ranch long enough to know exactly how to keep the scale moving downward at home by following these guidelines. (and with a loss of 70 pounds so far (!) you know these recommendations work! Jerry's calorie budget was determined to be about 2000 calories. The way for him to divide those calories up throughout the day is to divide 2000 by 4 = 500 calories. That means:

Breakfast = 500 calories

Lunch = 500 calories

Dinner = 500 calories

2 snacks = 500 calories /2 = 250

He can choose to have his two 250 calorie snacks in the morning, afternoon or evening -- whatever works best for his schedule and his energy level.

Find out how many calories you need to eat each day and divide it up!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kashi + Milk = YUMMY!

Kashi Cereals

If you haven't seen or heard of Kashi you've probably been on a different planet. This brand is growing very quickly and the popularity is greatly increasing. It started out only being available in health food stores now it is pretty much in every supermarket there is. And why is it so great you may ask, well it is jammed packed with the magic potion...FIBER! Fiber is such a great way to loose and/or maintain weight because it helps you feel full and digests much easier than the starchy carbs. The cereals also have an impressive protein, calcium, and low fat/low sugar amount as well. And what else, well it's organic. Sounds like DIRT right!

Well now we get to the best part. Every single one of their cereals is super yummy and healthy. My favorite is the GoLean. GoLean Crunch is very tasty too, but has quite a bit more calories. Seriously I don't have anything negative on the tastiness of these cereals. Try all of them and let me know which one you love.

A negative note or two. Well first, some of the cereals are a little high in calories. However, that being said, they do have a huge amount of filling fiber so it is justifiable. I would definitely stick to portion control. Just because it is health food, does not mean you can eat the whole box in one sitting. And lastly, a few years ago Kashi decided to revamp their Original Good Friends cereal. The older original was so much more yummy and had way less calories. Anyways, so that's it. Not much negatively to muster up on these peeps.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's that time again....

Thats right it's time for the biggest loser! If you have never watched it, you should. Weather your skinny or fat, healthy or not. It is very motivating and teaches proper exercise and eating habits. My favorite thing about the show is....

The Trainers...Bob & Jillian. They are so hardcore and make me want to work harder. Click HERE for some great diet tips from Jillian. I think if I had to choose a trainer I would pick Jillian because she pushes them harder. I would need that:) My family has been having a little biggest loser competition of their own. I lost 14 in 5 weeks! I would like to thanks these for my weight loss.... My measuring cups! Measure everything! I count every calorie that goes in my mouth. it may sound extreme and annoying but it is working for me. Once I hit my calorie limit for the day I stop. Tune in...Tuesday's on NBC from 7-9. You won't be sorry!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Kid's Nutrition....

Are you late on time and just grab a Happy Meal at McDonalds a few days a week for your children? A happy meal has 550 calories with no drink. I soda is 210 calories and a shake would be an extra 390 calories. Plus there is over 30 grams of fat. Happy meals don't sound so happy anymore do they?
Here is a calorie intake chart, how much should your child be eating?......

This can also vary with how active or not active your child is.

Often times our children will learn their eating habits from us, weather they are good or bad. That puts a whole lot of stress on us as parents to eat whats right. Can you tell your child they need to eat their veggies if you don't? Click HERE for some nutrition ideas for your kids.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Weight Loss Boosters....

Here are a few tips to help boost weight loss....

1. Drink Water!!! 1/2 to 1 gallon per day. Try to drink most of your water between meals to keep you from mindless snacking. Also try not to drink more than 4 ounces of water with your food. I am not sure why though? I am guessing so that it doesn't push the nutrients through too fast and your body had time to absorb them? I am not really sure, I'll have to look that one up.

2. Try to walk 1 hour a day. This can be broken up in 2-3 segments. This is besides other cardio workouts. Having an "active lifestyle" and walking burns calories and can give your weight loss a little push.

3. Eat breakfast everyday to start up your metabolism.

4. Eat 5-6 small meals each day. You get the nutrition you need without stretching out your stomach.

5. Eat your last meal 3-4 hours before bed. No late night snacking.

6. Eat nuts, olives, avocados and olive oil to get healthy fats. We don't NEED unhealthy fats. These still need to be eaten sparingly because they are calorie dense.

7. Eat your veggies...make sure to eat steamed or raw and not cook all of the nutrients out.

8. Lift weights. Not too heavy of ones but challenge yourself. Do many reps w/ less weight. This will keep your body burning calories even when you have stopped working out.

9. Eat at home. Even though something may seem healthy they often add lots of oil and salt at restaurants. If you do go out ask for a nutrition guide.

10. Eat lots of fiber. Natural fiber is best.

11. Eat fish for omega 3's or take fish oil.

12. Weight is more about restricting calories. Not too extreme to lower your metabolism though. Food is more about how much you weigh then exercise. Exercise is more about overall health and longevity.

What helps you keep the weight off?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Food so good, life so easy, we're so fat...

We used to have to wake up, milk a cow, fetch water up a huge mountain, grind some wheat and all before brekfast. Walk a million miles to go anywhere. Today we go go through a drive thru and the farthest walk we got all day was from the car to the house. This is what has caused GLOBESITY. Americans have become overweight but now most other countries are on their way. Here are a few ideas how to help the American obesity rates.....
1. park far away from the stores and walk.
2. take the stairs.
3. be involved on a sports team.
4. Exercise for 30 minutes at least each day.
5. NEVER watch more then 2 hours of TV a day (none is best)
6. Leave weights near your desk at work or by the TV and lift weights throughout the day.
7. Choose simple natrual foods that have not been processed.
sooooo many more......

Trying this might help bring your weight down!
The average American women is 5'4" and 145 pounds. The average American model is 5'11" tall and weighs 117 pounds. We need to find a place were we feel healthy...not too thin not too heavy. This chart is a good place to start. Even though this chart may not be accurate if you are very small or very large boned.