Saturday, June 28, 2008

King, Queen, servant...

Tip # 2

This tip I got from my wise Grandfather:)

Breakfast: He would always say first eat breakfast like a KING. This is hard for me to do. I always just feel like a piece of fruit or something small but really you should eat a pretty large portion in the morning. I try to eat between 1200 and 1400 calories a day and eat 500 calories for breakfast. This gives you energy for the day and allows you to burn it off before you go to sleep again. I like to eat more protein at breakfast because it sustains you longer. I like a handful of almonds (200 cal) because it is high in protein, healthy good fats, and you don't have to eat a huge amount to get the calories you need at breakfast. I also like light string cheese, whole oatmeal w/ skim milk and splenda on top, fruit, egg whites, whole wheat pancakes and put in ground flax seed, or a slimfast shake w/ 1/2 a banana and ice mixed in. You feel full after eating that many calories but I notice that i don't get very hungry after that. Then i have a 100 calorie snack at like 10 or 11....i like to have some V8 juice to get some veggies in.

Lunch: For lunch we should eat like a QUEEN! I like to eat 400 calories at lunch. I like all bran crackers and fat free cottage cheese, yogurt, salad, and usually i just kinda snack and count calories. I like to have sunflower seeds too. When I am done with lunch i usually feel satisfied but not full like at breakfast. I eat lunch at around one.

Dinner: We should eat dinner like a SERVANT. I eat about 200-300 calories fo dinner. I like to have an orange, airpop popcorn w/ calorie free spray butter, lots ot veggies(broccoli my fav), chicken sometimes, and then i like to drink diet sprite later in the evening. It helps me not to snack and the carbination makes me feel full.

I think my grandfather was right about the KING, QUEEN, SERVANT potion size...what do you think?

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*K*R*I*S*T*Y* said...

I've heard that too, I don't think I could do it though,especially being a late nighter and an early riser.I don't know how you do 12-1400 cals a day!I can barely do 1600 when I count, but I usually end up keeping it around 1800-2000 :D I tend to keep my 'meals' around 3-400 each but I'm doing a lot of snacks in between, constantly eating a little something all day so I never get the 'hungry' feeling.I love cliff and Luna bars, which are also the cheapest at walmart.No cal spray butter is the best!And those little chicken salad sets that come with a little mayo (which I replace with miracle whip) some crackers and some relish, so good and only 240 cals.