Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Born to RUN!

Do you know those girls that are just made to run? Super skinny and tall and could run forever and not break a sweat. That would be nice, who knows that might be you? Let me tell you that if that is you, you are a very lucky girl! As for me I am not a great runner and I don't really look like a runner but I can run. Not great but I like it. I usually walk for about 1 1/2 hours M-Sat. with my walking girls. I will have to take a picture of all 5 of us and our strollers taking up the entire road. So it's kind of ironic that I usually only walk with my jogging stroller. Then I go run at like 7:30 or 8 after keagan is in bed. But I found this.... The Strollometer! They have them at good ol' Target! It tracks your speed (current, maximun, and average), distance, time, daily mileage, temperature, and displays the real clock time. Being able to look down and see what I am accomplishing would really help me to go that much faster or go a bit farther to reach a certain distance. Even if I am just walking it would be nice to see how many miles we were covering! I think I would jogging more during the day with Keagan with the stollermeter. And maybe save gas:) My car fills up for 63$ now:( Maybe I will sell my car and just buy this....

I love this stroller, especially when we have another child. It's thin so you can take it shopping, super light weight and comes in lots of colors!
Anyway running helps me when I am stressed and when I am running 3-5 days a week I can tell that I get in shape pretty fast. My friend Kristi said that she signs up for 5k or 10k runs alot so she constantly needs to be in shape to run them. To find runs to run go to www.active.com and find one near you. They have one in St. George this month that is a mid-night run! Fun huh! The only way i would run in St. George in August would be at mid-night cause its too HOT! Oh and if your not a runner go HERE to get information on a 5k. {Couch to 5K in 9 weeks running program}. Happy Running!

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chelsea said...

Ok, you read my mind! I was just wondering if there was a gadget out there to put on your stroller!!! yippee! i'm going to look for it at Target! Thanks for the awesome tips and info about running!