Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oprah's Best Life....

I am usually not a TV watcher, I just get bored with it too fast but there are two shows I will be watching in 2009 to motivate me reach my goal weight. The first one is Oprah's best life series. This will last one week targeting different areas in our lives. Oprah revealed her recent 40 pound weight gain and shared her feelings about "falling off the wagon" in January's issue of O Magazine .

The 54-year-old talk show host went from weighing 160 pound in 2006 to 200 pounds and admits that she is mad at herself. Especially since she knows what to do to keep the weight off.

Oprah Winfrey plans to discuss her weight gain on the Oprah Show "Best Life Week" which begins January 5, 2009.

I think Oprah is great to talk about it and be open about it. Makes her more real and we all go through ups and downs in life. The shows will focus on: weight loss, money, health, relationships, and money. Starts monday so mark it on your calender! What are your weight loss motivators?

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Aubrey H said...

I NEVER get to watch Oprah...but we just got a DVR, so I will record it to watch after the kids go to bed! Thanks for the tip!

Ok, so I basically just want to lose 7-8 pounds that I gained over the holidays. My motivators? I'm tired of my belly hanging over my jeans and my jeans are feeling too tight! ahhh! I am NOT buying a bigger pair!