Monday, February 9, 2009

Too much of a Busy Bee to exercise??

We all have 20 minutes a day, right? Feeling tired, rushed for time, or just plain don’t want to exercise today? How about the 20-minute workout? I think that a short workout is better than not exercising at all. This workout combines cardio and muscular endurance training. It is designed to get the body pumping by increasing your heart rate, increase blood flow to the muscles, and relieve stress. You can do it at home, at the gym, or any place in between. I think the hardest part is getting your shoes on and getting out the door. Once you do it feels so great! I am ready for winter to be over so we can be more outside for exercise. I'm feeling trapped!!! Here's the work out....
  • 10 Minute Jog (Jog in place if lack of space)
  • 50 Push-Ups (Do as many as you can and then finish the rest later) & you can do them girly style!
  • 100 Crunches (Do as many as you can)
  • 50 Squats (Do as many as you can)
Happy workout, you won't regret it, you'll feel great!


What a life!! said...

There is an awesome 20 minute workout on KSL studio 5 website. It really kicks your tail and you hardly notice the time.

Wiser Family said...

I love the Taebo workouts too. They have some fun moves and the 20 minutes fly by before you know it.