Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kashi + Milk = YUMMY!

Kashi Cereals

If you haven't seen or heard of Kashi you've probably been on a different planet. This brand is growing very quickly and the popularity is greatly increasing. It started out only being available in health food stores now it is pretty much in every supermarket there is. And why is it so great you may ask, well it is jammed packed with the magic potion...FIBER! Fiber is such a great way to loose and/or maintain weight because it helps you feel full and digests much easier than the starchy carbs. The cereals also have an impressive protein, calcium, and low fat/low sugar amount as well. And what else, well it's organic. Sounds like DIRT right!

Well now we get to the best part. Every single one of their cereals is super yummy and healthy. My favorite is the GoLean. GoLean Crunch is very tasty too, but has quite a bit more calories. Seriously I don't have anything negative on the tastiness of these cereals. Try all of them and let me know which one you love.

A negative note or two. Well first, some of the cereals are a little high in calories. However, that being said, they do have a huge amount of filling fiber so it is justifiable. I would definitely stick to portion control. Just because it is health food, does not mean you can eat the whole box in one sitting. And lastly, a few years ago Kashi decided to revamp their Original Good Friends cereal. The older original was so much more yummy and had way less calories. Anyways, so that's it. Not much negatively to muster up on these peeps.


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Howell Happenings said...

I have been eating Kashi's Go Lean Crunch cereal religously for the past two years! I have to admit that when I first tasted it, it was very hard/crunchy and was not as "tasty" as all the sugar cereals I had been eating. :)

BUT, I am now hooked and can't stand of the thought of ever eating those other cereals again..I really do like it. (I don't like the original as much, and the almond flavored crunch is OK)