Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Change your world....

One importnant key to living a healthy life is having an enviornment that makes healthy living easier. If your cupboards are full of junk food and you leave no time for exercise
your setting yourself up for gaining weight and not being healthy. Pack your fridge with fresh fruits and vedgies so when you feel like snacking you reach for a carrot instead of a treat. I try to cut up the fruit and veggies before hand so it makes it easier to pick a healthy snack. Alot of people like the 100 Calorie packs. For me they are more pricey so I get the snack sized baggies and when I get some from grocery shopping i separate the food in the serving sizes helping with portion control and make it easier to grab a healthy snack like almonds. In places it may be harder then others like at work or at a party. At work bring healthy snacks or eat before you go to the party and just have a little of the party food. Going starving to a pot luck dinner...not smart. Eat a little before so your not starving and you have more control. It's the little daily changes you make that make a big difference in the long run with your health.

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Natster said...

I love this blog! I found it from a friend and totally dig the nutritional advice! Keep it coming!