Monday, July 7, 2008

It's a vitamin world....

So I talked about before, how diet pills are not good for your heart and cause long term damage but there are many things that you can take to increase your health and longevity. These are some vitamins and herbs that I take. I am interested in any herbs you might take and what the benefits are. Here is what i take.....

1. Multi-vitamin. I actually take a prenatal vitamin because I am trying to get pregnant. A vitamin should not replace a healthy diet but work with a healthy diet to get all the nutrients you need. Most vitamins are water soluble or fat soluble meaning in order to absorb the nutrients you must eat something and drink something along with your vitamin. Just make it a habit to take it with your breakfast.
2. Calcium supplement. This is so important as women because our bones will become brittle and to prevent osteoporosis in our old age. I like the calcium chew things or you can even take tums as a calcium supplement. Also your diet, calcium is found in milk obviously but you might not know that dark leaf spinach has much more calcium then milk!
3. Fish Oil. We know that our bodies need fat. Not french fries, not greasy foods but we need the good fat in nuts, fish, avocados, olives, olive oil, etc. It is recommended to eat fish 2-3 times a week. I don't. So to get my omega 3 fatty acid I take 2 capsules of fish oil a day. It is SO good for your heart!
4. Cascara Sagrada. This is a just an herb that kinda gives you a little cleanse. I only take it maybe once or twice a month but it gives your system a good cleanse.
5. Flaxseed. I get milled flax and put it in yogurt, smoothies, etc. It is also cleansing and have omega 3 fatty acid in it and it good for the heart.
You can get all of these at Wal-Mart for cheaper then at the health food store. Are there any herbs or things you take to improve your health?


keli b said...

oh a cool website for anyone wanting to count their calories is it is like weight watchers without the book, it way easy to just type in what you ate and it tells you how many calories you ate.

Howell Happenings said...

So do you take a multi vitamin, a calcium supplement, and the fish oil pill every day? Holy moly. I am TERRIBLE at vitamins...I couldn't even be consistant with my prenatals...I know, I'm bad! But I've been trying because lately I find myself more drained than usual...I do the Women's One a Day vitamin...I just picked it cause it looked good...I don't know anything about vitamins.