Sunday, July 27, 2008

Count em' up!

Counting calories is hands-down the most effective way to weight loss as well as weight maintenance. Essentially, you must make sure you eat as many calories as you burn daily to maintain your weight, or, eat less than you burn to shed excess weight. Sounds pretty easy huh? I have been doing this for a while now using and I have really liked it. You type in what you eat and it adds up calories. The only problem was that I would not forget and not do it til at night then try to remember what I ate and I know I was probably forgetting something. I like to put a little peice of paper in my pocket so i always have it and write things down as I go. Another thing is that you should try to count everything that goes in your mouth. I find myself as a mother when I cut the crusts off-eating them. Little bites here and there add up pretty fast. If you don't do this I would reccomand it for a week even so you know a general idea of what your eating and how you can maintain or lose weight or even gain if you need to (um why can't that be me:).

Being at a healthy weight is important. I would like to be fit and skinny but since I am just fit thats ok with me. Sometimes your outside doesn't tell you weather a person is healthy or not. So eat healthy foods and exercise but don't stress if you not size 2. The average american girl is a 12 and 5'4". I am mostly telling me this but maybe you need to hear it too. I like these because make calorie counting easy. If your eating out of the cracker box you will most likely eat more then a serving so this saves you from those extra calories.

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Molly said...

Hey Kathy,
Have you ever used the weight watchers online program? What do you like better about sparkpeople? (other than the fact that it's free!!). Is there database of foods pretty big?