Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's your real age?

Many have you have already heard of Dr. OZ but he has been on Oprah numerous times. He knows EVERYTHING about health. He talks about your "real age". We know how old we are by how many years we have been on earth but our bodies age differently depending on how we take car of them. Take the real age quiz. Just click HERE! It asks questions about your health habits, sleeping, eating, weight, etc. On the website click My Real Age in the top left corner. Here are my results...
I am 26.9 and my age is 22.4. Word of wisdom helps huh. It told me i need more weight training and i need to lose 15-20 pounds...big surprise but other then that very healthy. oh and reccomended sleeping 1-2 more hours each night then I get. I'll have to tell Keagan to sleep til 8:) Check it out!

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